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Daily Schedule

A typical day at Preschool

Freeplay – Students enter the room and place their class bags in the basket, put their water bottles on the safetable and find their name tags.  Then, they have the opportunity to play for approximately 15 minutes.

Circle time – This is the structured educational time whereby students learn about such concepts as the calendar, a country, an author, letter and letter sounds or perhaps numbers. 

Gym – This is an opportunity for students to work on their gross motor skills through games, sports, and yoga both in the gym and outside. 

Table time – This is an opportunity for the teacher and parent helper to work one-on-one with each student or with multiple students to reinforce the concepts talked about in circle time.

Tidy Up – Students learn the importance of working as a team to tidy up the toys.

Snack and story – Students wash their hands and find their placemats for the snack and story.  “Germs” (sparkles) are sprinkled on their hands in order to confirm proper hand washing techniques and hygiene in a fun and exciting way.

Book time – Students have an opportunity to look at books independently before the end of the class.

Time to go!