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Our Board

We have no paid administrative position in the school.  It is run completely by the parents through a Board of Directors (who are volunteer parents).  The Board is guided by the Constitution and By-laws provided by the Crossroads Community Association.  Any parent, whose child is registered, can volunteer for a position on the Board and as a result, have a voice in the policies of the school.

We have a few different positions available on the Board, most of which require less than 10 hours of work a month.  The Board meets once a month to discuss problems, plan the year’s events, and implement improvements.  If you are unable to fill a position, your support at the board meetings would be appreciated.  As a parent run preschool, we greatly depend on your support.


2022/2023 school year preschool committee.


Administrative Directors – Kim Buchanan & Robin Pommier

Creative Director –Lois Mafrica, Jessica Macisaac, Tara Sandberg, Chelsea Fitzpatrick

Secretary – Jessica Macisaac, Jackie Richards

Treasurer – Alysha Lederhouse

Fundraising Director –

Volunteer Coordinator – Tamara Elrafih

Toy Stewards – Cassandra McKillop, the Devries family,  Nargis Ahmady, and Jessica Rau

Website Coordinator – Jerome Pommier

4A – crossroadspreschool4A@gmail.com

4B –  crossroadspreschool4B@gmail.com

3A –  crossroadspreschool3A@gmail.com

3B – crossroadspreschool3B@gmail.com

Board Positions

Administrative Director:  

This person works closely with the teacher, solving problems and delegating responsibilities to the other Board members. This person also ensures that materials and equipment are available and in good order. The Director will preside at all the Preschool meetings and is also the Preschool official representative in the community and for other situations that may arise.  The Administrative Director will attend all Preschool Board meetings and Community Association meetings.  This position sometimes requires 5+ hours per month.

Creative Director:

This person also works closely with the teacher and the administrative director.  This person makes sure all supplies and props are purchased for concerts and other special occasions.   The Creative Director will attend all Preschool Board Meetings.  This position sometimes requires 10+ hours per month.


This person records the minutes of the monthly meetings and he/she is responsible for any other correspondence that the Board may require.  The secretary will also help with the registration process in March.  This position requires about 2 hours per month.


This person collects and receives all the money for the preschool.  The treasurer handles both the monthly fees and the fundraiser account.  All deposit and disbursements required by the Board will be handled by the treasurer.  This person will keep records of the income and expenses, and will prepare the financial statements. This person will also be responsible for dealing with NSF payments.  The Treasurer will attend all Preschool Board meetings.  This position may require 10+ hours per month.

Fundraising Director:

This person oversees our annual fundraiser in the spring.  This person coordinates the entertainment, the food, the silent auction and the events of the evening. 

Field Trip Coordinator:

This person will organize and implement all field trips and special in-classroom guests that the Board recommends.  Planning and booking these special events will be required throughout the entire school year.  The Field Trip Coordinator will attend all Preschool Board meetings.  This position requires about 5 hours per month.

Toy Steward:

This person will be required to once a month clean the toys in the preschool according to the Alberta Health Services requirements. This position requires on average 3 hours per month.

Website Coordinator:

This person will be required to update the website on a regular basis with information provided by the teacher. This postion requires on average 2 hours per month.

Class Coordinator (One per class):

This person will be the liaison between the teacher and their designated class.  They will be responsible for making sure their class has a full Happy Helper schedule.  When no volunteer can be found, they will work with the volunteer coordinator to find a replacement.  They will also be required to do fan out calls to parents if a class needs to be cancelled.  They will be required to attend the Preschool Board meetings once per month.  They will also be required to assemble a basket for our annual Death By Chocolate fundraiser.  These positions require 10 hours per school year.


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