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What if I cannot volunteer?

Parent participation is MANDATORY.  The school operates with a ratio of one teacher and one parent helper per sixteen children.

-For children enrolled in the 3-year-old program, parents must volunteer a minimum of 5 times per school year otherwise a charge of $250 will be applied to June fees and further registration may not be possible. 
-For children enrolled in the 4-year-old program, parents must volunteer a minimum of 7 times per school year otherwise a charge of $350 will be applied to June fees and further registration may not be possible.
Can I bring a sibling when I volunteer?

No.  If you bring a sibling with you then you are responsible for the sibling and then you cannot meet adult/child ratio within the class.

How do I sign up to volunteer?

A Happy Helper calendar is posted on our website and  sign up is now done online.  Parents can sign up for a class that works for them. New preschool parents will be required to attend a mandatory meeting where Happy Helper sign up (including log in and password information) will be reviewed.  

Additional volunteering is needed for fieldtrips. Sign up sheets for field trips will generally be posted in the preschool hallway. 

What happens if I am no longer able to volunteer on a day I signed up for?

If you have a previous commitment or a problem on the day you are scheduled to volunteer, call the Class Coordinator to help you find a replacement. Parents can also use grandparents or nannies as replacement volunteers. All replacement volunteers must sign a Crossroads Community Association Waiver form. Replacement volunteers are expected to be informed of the Happy Helper Duties, Child Security and Safety and Discipline Policy by the parent they are replacing. 

If classes are cancelled because you are unable to provide a replacement volunteer, you will be charged a penalty of $50.00 and your child will not be able to re-enter the program until this fee has been paid in full.

If you do not show up or find a replacement parent for your volunteer day, one warning will be given.  If a second occasion arises, your child may be asked to leave the program.

What if my child is sick? When should I keep them home?

According to the Child Care Licensing Regulations, an ill child is defined as a child who:

is vomiting, has a fever, diarrhea, or a new, inexperienced rash or cough;

requires greater attention than can be provided without compromising the care of other children in the program; or

displays any other illness or symptom the teacher knows or believes may indicate that the child poses a health risk to other children.

A child can return to the program when the child’s parent provides written notice from a physician indicating that the child does not pose a health risk, or if the license holder/provider is satisfied that the child no longer poses a health risk to the other children or staff.

Please phone or email the preschool to indicate that your child will not be attending his/her regular scheduled class and the reason for not attending.